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Sonic Glow Brush

Sonic Glow Brush™

The Sonic Glow Brush is an electric tooth-cleaning device. The Sonic Glow brush allows deep cleaning without irritating your gums. It utilizes sonic waves that produce up to 5000 strokes per minute. Sonic Glow leaves no tooth untouched and cleans each tooth eight times longer. Sonic Glow is safe for use by everyone.

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What is Sonic Glow Brush Exactly?

The Sonic Glow Brush is an electric tooth-cleaning device with a rotating brushing head that automatically cleans teeth and gums. It utilizes sonic waves that produce up to 5000 strokes per minute. 

It guarantees that every surface is touched, ultimately providing maximum care for all areas. The device is powered using a battery. The brush contains a special blue light that promotes tooth whitening and eliminates any stains on the tooth.

Sonic Glow Brush can be connected to its smart phone app, The device sends information to the app showing the untouched areas enables you to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly. 

The special bristles on this toothbrush get rid of even the hardest plaque and clean tiny spaces that regular toothbrushes can't reach. The device helps users to attain healthy oral hygiene by providing deep cleaning.

what is Sonic Glow Brush

Sonic Glow Brush Proven
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Sonic Glow testimonial

I recently purchased Sonic Glow Brush and it has revolutionized my dental hygiene. With the unrivaled technology, I'm able to clean my teeth up to 90% more effectively than with a standard toothbrush. The soft silicon bristles get into those hard-to-reach places and massage my gums while still providing an incredibly clean feeling after every brushing. I highly recommend Sonic Glow Brush to anyone looking for a safe and effective way to take care of their teeth. 

Olivia Harper
- New Jersey
Sonic Glow Brush testimonial

This has completely transformed my oral health. The advanced technology allows me to remove more plaque and debris from my teeth than ever before. The soft silicon bristles also massage my gums and leave my mouth feeling so clean and refreshed after every brushing. I would highly recommend @SonicGlowBrush to anyone who wants to take their oral health to the next level.

William Lucas 
Sonic Glow testimonial

@SonicGlowBrush was the best investment of my life. No more struggling to get to those hard-to-reach places. It’s so gentle on my gums and leaves my mouth feeling so clean and refreshed after every brushing. I highly recommend Sonic Glow Brush to anyone who is looking for a safe and effective way to take care of their teeth.

Katie Marie 
Oklahoma City

Key Features Of Sonic Glow Brush

SonicGlow Brush

Take a look at the main Sonic Glow Brush benefits that you can expect from:


The SonicGlow® Design

Sonic Glow uses the latest cutting-edge technology to make it an effective toothbrush. The technology used to power the device delivers deep cleaning to all your teeth simultaneously. It ensures that no spot is left untouched by providing that it brushes all surfaces.

Light Therapy for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be costly, but this device's light therapy mode makes it an affordable and convenient option for doing it at home. It helps you save money and get similar results with just one easy-to-use tool

5000 vibrations per minute

Sonic Glow Brush's high-frequency vibrations clean your teeth quickly and effectively, saving you time and improving your oral health

Strong Battery Life

Sonic Glow Brush is designed to have an powerful battery life. Once charged, you can use it for an entire month making it low maintenance in the time and energy aspects. 

Shockproof Casing

SonicGlow® is composed of an incredibly strong, Kevlar-quality material designed to withstand extreme conditions. This protects not only the exterior, but also the internal workings in the event of an unexpected fall or damage.

Multiple modes

Sonic Glow Brush have different cleaning modes that you can select depending on your preferences. If you have sensitive teeth, you can choose a mode that gives a gentler clean.

How Sonic Glow Brush Works?

Sonic Glow Brush works by generating sonic vibrations that travel through the bristles and into your teeth and gums. These vibrations help to break up plaque and dislodge food particles, leaving your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. The brush has a soft mouthpiece that fits well over your teeth and gums. You can choose from different brushing modes to get the best clean for your teeth.

Sonic Glow Brush is safe for people with sensitive gums. The brush's soft bristles and gentle vibration are designed to be gentle on your teeth and gums.

The brush's sonic technology and unique mouthpiece design help to provide a deep and effective clean.

Benefits Of Using The Sonic Glow Brush

Sonic Glow Brush Results

Here are some of the important Sonic Glow Brush benefits:

Using this brush early can help prevent diseases like Gingivitis, so you may not need to spend a lot of money on medications or surgery to treat the disease later.
This brush has a small, round head that can reach all the hard-to-reach places in your mouth, which most toothbrushes can't do.
Using this brush early can help prevent diseases like Gingivitis, so you don't need to spend a lot of money on medicines or surgery to treat the disease.
Sonic Glow Brush is safe for people with sensitive gums because it has soft bristles and gentle vibrations. This means that the brush will not irritate your gums or make them bleed.
Sonic Glow Brush uses sonic technology to clean your teeth effectively. This means that the brush will remove plaque and debris from even the hardest-to-reach places in your mouth.
Sonic Glow Brush's gentle vibrations help to stimulate blood circulation in your gums. This can help to promote healthy gums and prevent gum disease.
Sonic Glow Brush takes oral care to the next level with its companion smartphone app. The app tracks your brushing habits, provides personalized feedback, and helps you achieve your oral health goals.

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How to Use Sonic Glow
How to Use Sonic Glow Brush?

Using the Sonic glow brush is simple. Anyone can use it regardless of age. The process of using the device is as follows:

Step1: Turn on the device and apply toothpaste on the bristles across the mouthpiece

Step 2: Place the Sonic Glow inside the mouth and adjust it until you feel it snug around the teeth

Step 3: Adjust it to your preferred speed by pressing the power button. Slowly move the device up, down, and sideways for at least thirty seconds to offer a deep clean

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Sonic Glow Brush Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our cold blue light system is one of the safest and most effective ways to whiten your teeth. The advanced technology of Sonic Glow Toothbrush works to remove tough stains, such as coffee and tobacco, so you can have a brighter, more radiant smile. Don't wait too long to treat your stains; our Whitening Mode can help you achieve professional-level results in just a few weeks of use. 

Cleaning your Sonic Glow Toothbrush is easy - simply rinse the brush head with warm water. Our toothbrush is built with antibacterial silicone, which eliminates 99.99% of all bacteria, ensuring your brush stays clean and hygienic. 

Sonic Glow Brush is made using the latest technology in order to prevent a lot of gum and oral diseases such as Gingivitis. You can also effectively clean the debris and plaque deposited on your teeth regularly with this equipment.

Sonic Glow Brush is only available on this official website.

Sonic Glow provide its user with 30-day no question asked money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with this sonic toothbrush for any reason and need a refund, the company will be willing to refund you every penny with no questions asked within 30 days from when you received your order.

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